Loyalty program

Get Rewarded for all your purchases at La Boulangerie!

Earn 1 point for every $5 you spend in store. Collect points and redeem them for free rewards!

Plus get access to our exclusive offers, available only to our loyalty members!


Here are 2 ways to do it

Sign up in one of our bakeries in just a few seconds! During checkout, after sliding your card, enter your phone number when prompted. Your phone number is like your reward ID and will be associated to your card. You will start earning points every time you slide your card in one of our bakeries, no need to re-enter your info, it’s already in the system and keeping track of your purchases! You will get an automated text message or email after each transaction with a status update.


Earn 1 point per $5 spent. Points never expire.

10 points = One Free Macaron of your choice
15 points = One Free Baguette
25 points = One Free Croissant
30 points = One Free Drink of your choice
40 points = One Free Pastry of your choice
45 points = Once Free Box of 6 Macarons of your choice